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Texas Rabbit
Breeders Association

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Join/Renew Online Today (convenience fees apply) or
by mail




Adult - $13.00 per year 


Youth - $13.00 per year (under age 19) 

Husband/Wife-$25.00 year 

Family - 2 Adults + add $3/yr for each additional youth at the same address. 

Combo–2 People Same Address-$25/yr, add $3/yr for each additional youth at the same address. 

Please provide proof of legal Texas residency of all Texas members. 

Per ARBA Rules, all out-of-state applicants MUST be a member of a TRBA affiliated local club.  Please note that Out of State Residents can not serve as officers or directors of TRBA Affiliated Clubs per TRBA bylaws as found below. 

Rabbitry or Caviary Registration 

$10.00 one-time fee

Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards or PayPal at this time. We accept cash, money order, or check. 

By my application to the Texas RBA, I agree to abide by its Constitution and By-Laws found below.

A list of expired members can also be found below.  

DOWNLOAD Constitution and By-Laws

MEMBERSHIP CONTEST: The TRBA conducts a membership contest each year which runs from January 1 thru December 31. Only TRBA members may participate and only new memberships will be considered for credit; no renewal memberships. A minimum of five (5) new members is required to be eligible for an award. Awards are 1st place - $50.00, 2nd place - $30.00, 3rd place $20.00.  Write your name on the bottom of the TRBA application to receive credit. 

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